Friday, June 4, 2010

10 principle she break up with me

1. she is blur
2. she believe what she feel right now is true
3. she think like u disturbing her
4. she loyal to u, but she now is not loyal to u...reason is last time, she don have any guy except u who treat her well
5. she might think tat that guy is really like her...
6. she not ready to go too far with u
7. she are not taking seriously with your relationship
8.she just hoping u can be more romance
9. everyday she face tat guy, 日久生情
10. is for u, u must protect yourself, not think for her good, but think for your own good
so from now on
think what u should do
to yourself
are not everything in ur life
bt only a simply thing which stand 10 % in ur life
so, which shud b place in the 1st?u shud noe, smtym think for other ppl is good
bt hurting urself r such a bad things
she don like you so let her go

wow,someone analysis for damn detail^^ thx for your analysis.

1 comment:

Syaoron said...

none of the principles are correct.I take back my words.Sorry Lissie